About Us

Why Loser ADDA?

"AT THE END OF THE DAY LOSERS ARE THE RULERS " from this comes the"LOSER" and "WHEN ALL THE LEADERS COME TOGETHER TO MAKE SOMETHING GREAT" from this comes the "ADDA". The CEO, MR. AMIT PRAKASH thought the name sounded "fun , spirited and not intimidating".




Loseradda is world class concept store. Uniquely designed with cosmopolitan appeal and unprecedented access to the latest looks of the season, style. This is Indian brand of fashion.

With it's website relaunch in 2019, loseradda had solidified it's standing as the new essential luxury of style. It's Page's are filled with exquisite finds of fashion.


Formed by an engineering graduate from a reputed University and his team , in 2018 Mr. Amit Prakash had continued to grow rapidly.under the new vision of creativeness the house has redefined fashion, and further reinforcing it's position as one of the most desirable fashion houses.

Starting from a small scale business to growing up as the fastest growing online fashion able costume and casual wear business, he has seen a lot of ups and downs in his carrier , despite of all these people are loving him as well as his products heartly.


Mr. Amit's design concept is to create individual clothing with elements of trending glamour whilst focusing on intricate details and embroidery. Inspirations for design are taken from previous iconic fashions and Fused with today's catwalk trends. Inspired by vintage and love for art design and culture, there are many styles that Mr. Amit caters to.


Mr. Amit has frequently been featured in many fashion

Events including college and office parties and fests and a lot more.......