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Loser ADDA Sublimatable color mugs are known for being 100% safe for your kids and are sold the world over. Use your own pictures and text to go with it. Its a perfect gift for your home or office table too, complete with your favorite pictures and quotes.

The color mugs come with the Mug handle and the Inside of the Mug in either of these colors : Black, Red, Green, Yellow or Blue. You get to choose the color that works for you best.

Made from 100% ceramic, our color Mugs come with a superior coating which ensures that the images don???t fade or scratch off for decades.

All the mugs from Presto are 100% dishwasher and microwave oven safe.

The size being 11oz is perfect for holding your images in a large size and you can say as much as your heart desires.  The gloss on the mug never wanes off and the pictures will remain embedded forever.

The Mug Can Be Customized By our patented Sublimation Printing Process with Your text and Cherished Moment. You may get one or multiple pictures printed on your product. Go as you like.

Due to its immense utility and value for money this is an absolute bestseller in the Loser ADDA product range.  Fit For All Occasions Such As Birthdays return gifts, Anniversaries, Farewell, Certificate, Dealer Meet, Souvenir, Corporate Events, Etc.

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